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Donrad & Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter was the lead singer (also played guitar and keyboards) for Mott the Hoople in the 70's before he left them to engage in a successful solo career. Ian is one of my all time favorite writers and musicians. This photo was taken in East Lansing, Michigan on the MSU campus after a show from the "Short Back and Sides" tour on October 5, 1981. I've met Ian several times, and had this photo autographed by him in 1987.
Photo by Heather Ritchie

Donrad & Ken Hensley
Ken Hensley was the keyboard player (as well as occasional guitar, and backup vocals) in the legendary 70's band Uriah Heep. Uriah Heep is one of the most under rated rock bands from the 70's and it's too bad radio doesn't play more of their music. A few of their classics are "Easy Livin'" "Stealin'" "Sweet Lorraine" and "Gypsy." This photo was taken after a show in Muskegon, Michigan in 1981.

Gordon Hirsch, Donrad & Billy Truit
Legendary musicians from 60's rock band the Kingsmen! Infamous for the song "Louie Louie!" (need I say more?). San Francisco, CA, December 17, 1999.

Frank Gorshin & Donrad
Frank was the legendary "Riddler" from the Batman TV series in the 60's, that starred Adam West and Burt Ward. Frank was way cool to meet, and was happy to have his photo taken with his fans. Photo taken in Novi, Michigan, May 1999 by Alison Kalbarchick"

Donrad & Loudon Wainwright III
Loudon Wainwright III is one of the most interesting performances you can witness, and he makes some of the funniest faces I've ever seen! Most people know him by his 70's hit "Dead Skunk," or from his appearances in the early M.A.S.H. television episodes. This was after a show at the ARK in Ann Arbor, MI December 4, 1999.
Photo by Dawn Rhoads

Donrad, Loudon Wainwright III & Dawn Rhoads
Another shot of Loudon, this time with my friend Dawn Rhoads and me at the ARK in Ann Arbor, MI December 4, 1999.
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