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Donrad & Rick Neilsen at the Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan during Cheap Trick's "All Shook Up" tour, July 11, 1981. Rick was all 'thumbs up!' as we talked a little about the guitar he had made for John Lennon among many other things that day. Rick is one of the most incredible songwriters in music, and a killer guitar player as far as I'm concerned. Rick also has the coolest stage presence ever! Photo taken by Scott "The Duck" Brown

Donrad hanging with Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan. Reminiscing about a hotel room in Lansing, Michigan during Cheap Tricks bar room days... something about a bagel that was stuffed into a hole in the wall and was still there a year later when the band came back. Bun E is one hell of a drummer and a way cool person to hang with. Photo taken July 11, 1981 by Scott "The Duck" Brown

Joe Perry (Aerosmith) & Donrad after a show by the Joe Perry Project in Kalamazoo, Michigan at Wings Stadium. This was not one of Joe's better nights, many things went wrong in his set and he was understandibly none too pleased about it (I seem to recall that a guitar tech got fired that night). Aside from all the problems, Joe was gracious enough to pose for a picture and sign a few autographs. Thanks Joe, you're a real good sport when it comes to honoring your fans requests. Photo by Steve "Steven-Hawk" Schaff October 20, 1981

Donrad & Edgar Winter. I was a major fan of Edgar Winter in the early 70's and it was cool to meet him several years later in life. This picture was taken after a show at the Cabaret in San Jose, California back in 1986 where I did an interview with Edgar for the Metro Times. I still have the tape somewhere, but I can't find it. Photo by Gary Suydam

Prairie Prince, Donrad and Rick Anderson of the Tubes. Obviously by my T-shirt this was during "The Completion Backwards Principle" tour. On October 10, 1981, I had the best seats in the house for one of the best live bands ever... "The Tubes!" Unfortunately the other photos I took with Fee Waybill and the rest of the band didn't come out very good, but this one is still in decent shape. Photo taken at Welsh Auditorium in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ted Nugent & Donrad. This photo was taken in October 1995 at Hanover High School in Hanover, Michigan where the 'Nuge' was doing some benefit thing for the schools' sports program (the money went to buy cheerleader and basketball uniforms). I had the photo blown up a week later and I eventually ran into the 'Nuge' in the winter of 1996 at his store in Jackson, Michigan where he signed the picture in the upper right corner (this is obviously a copy of the autographed photo).

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