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Lisa Bell "The Goddess of Grace." A wonderful friend of mine who helps to keep me sane in this wacky world of confusion. Lisa is a very talented artist and has won many awards for her efforts. Lisa also helped me to develop this web page and for that I am eternally grateful. Photo taken August 1998

Suzi Kriz... one of the most beautiful persons I've ever met in life. Suzi is a very talented writer and musician, and is helping me with my current CD project "Uncle Dons' Greatest Hits". Words alone cannot describe what a wonderful person Suzi is, and I'm fortunate that our paths have crossed in this lifetime. Photo taken July 3, 1998 by Eric Predoehl.

Kim Lenz & Donrad (Beauty & the Beast). Kim Lenz is the rockabilly fans' dream girl. She sings the hell out of a song and on stage has the energy of a Tazmanian Devil on speed. One of the most beautiful redheads known to mankind, I highly recommend you see her live (buy her CD too). Photo taken July 2, 1998 at the Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA by Eric Predoehl

Sean Yseult & Donrad. Sean was the ass kickin bass player in White Zombie for many years, now she plays a mean guitar in the all girl band Famous Monsters (a very fun and cool band live, Sean is very beautiful in her "Devil Girl" guise and will set you on fire with her goddess like charms). Sean was a very cool person to talk with and is always very accomodating with her fans requests for autographs, pictures, etc. This photo was taken after a Famous Monsters show at The Usual in San Jose, CA June 25, 1998. Photo taken by Alan "The Geek Guy" Murray.

Doris Kenner & Donrad. Doris was the lead singer for the Shirelles for many years. She was a very sweet person, and it was an honor to have met one of the icons of the girl groups from the 60's. She will remain a very special person to all whose lives she touched. This moment was captured on film by Suzi Kriz after the Shirelles concert on the boardwalk of Santa Cruz, CA on July 3, 1998

Wanda Jackson & Donrad. Wanda Jackson is a real sweetheart and legend rockabilly singer from the 50's. She even has the distinction of being Elvis' girlfriend for a while in the 50's. This photo was taken by Eric Predoehl at The Edge in Palo Alto, CA on September 3, 1998

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