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Even more tire kickers soon to come....
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Porthole in his garden
Bumfuuck, Minnesota 1998

The Paulsbury Doughboy
Tuning into his favorite FM station.
Somewhere in Arizona, August 1996.
Paul passed away on December 8, 2002
Rest In Peace my friend, you'll be missed.

Frank Bella & Popeye
Fountain Blues Festival, San Jose, CA 1994
Photo by Eric Predoehl

Sirajul, Donrad & Mujibur
The actual guys from the David Letterman show, at the end of their U.S. Tour.
San Francisco, CA 1994
Photo courtesy of Eric Predoehl

Donrad, Jim Bob, Jan & Mike Strange.
Michigan, June 28, 1997- tuning up before a Joe Walsh concert.
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