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Photo by the "Wedge"


This is an excerpt from my upcoming book "Three Tits & Elvis," called "ATTITUDE!" I hope you enjoy this piece and share your feelings with me.

The book itself is not done yet, but portions of it will be included here on my website. It will consist of short stories like the one here, and will deal with my rants, raves, and various journeys throughout the world, as well as some of the people I've met that have made things interesting for me.


We've all heard the expression that you or someone you know has an "ATTITUDE!" Usually this term is used as a negative connotation , because someone happens to disagree with someone else. Isn't life sometimes complicated? Because someone doesn't agree with you, you are usually the person with the unsightly "ATTITUDE!"

The dictionary describes "ATTITUDE" as: "the manner of acting, feeling, or thinking that shows one's disposition, opinion, etc..." Now keeping that thought in mind... "EVERYONE has a fricken ATTITUDE!" Basically it is the way you feel and think, which I believe everyone does who isn't comatose... am I not correct?

Usually the person who says you have an "ATTITUDE" is some lackey supervisor or manager type who you are supposed to be in humble supplication to, because you are below them on the totem pole in the work force.

Excuse me, but I have a RIGHT to my opinion, and just because someone doesn't see eye-to-eye with me, doesn't make them necessarily correct either, does it? This approach is typical of most management who can't manage a place to save their ass, or can't lead by example. They usually hide behind their title that was bestowed upon them by someone of the same weak spinal condition, and believe that they are always correct.

When I hear the "ATTITUDE" appraoch used on me, I usually respond with this form of logic: "Can you adequately describe ATTITUDE to me? Do you have a micrometer, or some other kind of measuring device to acutely define an ATTITUDE? What we have Sir/Mam, is a difference of opinion, of which we are both entitled to. Because you are in the position of manager/supervisor/authoritarian, doesn't make your opinion any more valid than mine, so come down from your ivory tower and lets work this problem out like responsible adults."

The end result is that their feathers are usually ruffled, and they want to punish you in some way to supposedly make you respect their title and their mis-use of authority. Occasionally there will be the rare individual who will wake up and honestly agree with you, and come to some amicable solution (these are scarce occurences however).

The bottom line is to understand what the word "ATTITUDE" means, and you will find out that it in no way implicates that there are negative connotations surrounding it. An "ATTITUDE" simply means the way you feel about anything and everything. Who's to say who is actually right or wrong? Not a responsibility for me... manager or not!


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