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Davie Allan is the "King of Fuzz guitar." Davie Allan and the Arrows were the band that made the soundtrack music for the coolest biker films in the 60's, like "The Wild Angels, The Glory Stompers, Devil's Angels," and "The Hellcats," to name a select few. There are also many other great soundtracks that Davie Allan and the Arrows appeared on. The main song that Davie is known for is the ultimate instrumental rocker called "Blues Theme." As far as I'm concerned, it is the ultimate song, and still can motivate me when hearing it. This is an autographed 8x10 glossy photo I got from Davie back in 1997.
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THE WILD ANGELS soundtrack
A timeless classic, the only problem with the CD is that the bastards from CURB records didn't include all the songs that originally appeared on the vinyl album from the 60's. BIG mistake CURB! Give us paying fans the whole damn thing! It does include the most essential tracks though, including the always phenominal "Blues Theme!" Too bad CURB doesn't release all the old soundtracks Davie recorded, instead of all that lame ass new country crap they've been pumping out... give us a break CURB!

A "MUST HAVE" album/CD for anyone into FUZZ guitar. This CD has been rereleased recently and should be in the finer record stores everywhere, if you don't find it, ask them to order one for you. This is one of the coolest albums Davie has ever released (and that's a tall order as he has released some pure dynamite stuff). It defines the true style of FUZZ guitar! The opening track "Chopper" sets the stage, and the CD continues to rev into high gear throughout. Not for the squeemish, this album ROCKS hard and heavy, I'm sure that most real bikers have it by now.

FUZ Magazine
FUZ magazine is the ultimate tribute to Davie Allan and the Arrows. It is the most complete and researched magazine known to exist on Davie Allan (it also has a great piece on Goddess Mimsy Farmer). I highly recommend this magazine to anyone who is into motorcycles and cool 60's music. Seth Wimpfheimer has created a masterpiece on Davie... feel free to order one and tell him that Donrad sent you. FUZ magazine can be purchased for $5 + $3 postage. Send money orders to: FUZ Magazine, c/o Seth Wimpfheimer, 519 Birch Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090

This is one of the newest releases by Davie Allan, and also includes the Phantom Surfers as his band. A Really cool CD, and it rocks throughout. This album also has a sense of humor to it, but then, how could that be avoided with the Phamtom Surfers? Davie keeps the songs on this album honest with his Fuzz guitar laced in all the songs, and it blends in perfectly with the cool sounds of the Phantom Surfers. The title is a spoof on one of Davie's earlier 60's recordings called "Skaterdater."

This is a CD I would not have in my collection if it wasn't for the kindness of Davie Allan. "From Paradise to Hell" is an import and hard to find... but is well worth your effort in trying to locate it. It contains many songs and it's not fair for me to name a couple of favorites as I like most all of them. Rest assured the selections on this disc all bear the mark of the "Fuzz Master General" himself, Mr. Davie Allan. Thanks for mailing me this one Davie, it was a major coup!

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