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Donrad hanging out with Dan Bern
after a show at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI.
March 13, 1999 Photo by Dawn Rhoads

Fifty Eggs is the name of a really killer Dan Bern CD.
This is a postcard of what the cover looks like.
This CD comes highly recommended, and should be in your collection.
The bottom is autographed by Dan.

Dan Bern is a definate "must see!"
His humor and and lyrics not only
make you think... they tell the ugly
truth about people, society, and the
things that are wrong with it... while
keeping you laughing the whole time!
Read my interview with Dan at:
Go to the side bar and click on "interviews"
then go to "music" and then click on Dan Bern.

You are guaranteed to be on the edge
of your seat at a Dan Bern show.

The photo that belongs here will be coming soon.
So go to the record store and buy Dan's CD.
Then dig the cool sounds that come from your speakers!
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