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Welcome to my "Carnival of Contortions." My name is Donrad and I hope you enjoy musing through the various side shows of my website. The photos that are on this site are a brief summary of some of the interesting people I've met in my travels around the globe, I hope you find them interesting as well. There are many more people who would have been included, but for whatever reason I didn't have a camera around or I just plain forgot to take a photo. Take your time and view all the inhabitants of my Rogue's Gallery, and be sure to let me know what you think by signing my guestbook.

I've had the extreme fortune to be able to meet many of the people who influenced my life in one capacity or another, and I thought I'd share some of my special moments with all of you. I'm doing this site because a few of my friends have encouraged me to do this... as they thought I had a lot of really cool things to share with people. I agree with one of the most talented musicians I've heard in years by the name of Dan Bern when he says "It's not bragging if it's true!" (actually it's a Muhammad Ali quote).

Currently I am working on several projects, one is a book I started working on back in 1995, called "Three Tits & Elvis!" It deals with many of my travels in life and the people I've met, as well as some of my famous rants about society and the things that piss me off. One of the excerpts is included on this site. Another task I'm trying to get off the ground is a film project called "Ed's House." I will not give details about it at this time because there are too many bastards stealing ideas (those of you who know me already know what it's about). "Ed's House" should be completed by the middle of November 2003, it features music by Davie Allan & The Arrows, The Swamp Zombies, and Gein and the Graverobbers, as well as artwork by Mr. Frank Bella. The film is now in the final phase of editing. I am also working on a CD of songs written by the always wonderful Suzi Kriz and myself, that was inspired because of a practical joke by Eric Predoehl. In the meantime I have two of my parody songs ("Cobain" and "Sonny") on the compilation CD "Pigs Wings" that came out in December of 2001. To order a copy of the CD, e-mail Eric Predoehl at: Recently I've been working on a TV show called "Boomers Underground Menagerie" which is like a cross between the "Antiques Road Show" and "Monty Python." It airs in Jackson, Michigan on Friday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm on channel 19, it also airs on other times in different towns in Jackson so consult your local directory if you don't live in the city of Jackson. These things take a lot of time to complete, so bear with me. If you are a frequent visitor to my website, you'll be informed on the status of all three projects and where to purchase them in the future. I guess this website is another project as it takes a lot of time to do... anyway, keep coming back, because I'm constantly updating and adding things when I get a chance to do so. I literally have hundreds of photos to add to this thing.

Also my new comic book "The Adventures of Donrad" is due to come out in late 2003/early 2004, for more information on that go to: click on the Donrad icon at the bottom of the page and get all the current info. New in the works and coming soon to a bookstore near you in November is an anthology book titled "Within These Walls" (a title of one of my writings that doesn't appear in this particular book, but they borrowed my title because they liked it) that will feature three of my short stories. As I stated above, keep checking back here and I will update you on the status of the thing and where to get it.

As for my history in music, I've worked in the entertainment industry for many years in about every capacity known. I've been in bands (I play guitar and saxophone), worked as a disc jockey and program/music director at radio stations, worked with record companies, managed bands, worked in retail, and still am a writer. The only thing I haven't done in the business is become a millionaire... but I'm trying!

One last thing, I would like to thank all of the people who are my friends... you know who you are. I know I don't always deserve your loyalty, but I appreciate you being there when I need you most, especially for moral support and a place to crash for the night. I can not express how lucky I am to know the kind of people I do. I appreciate the coast-to-coast hospice you provide for me when I'm on the road, and my couch is always welcome to you as well. If I ever win the lottery I'll pay all of you back for all the kindness you've shown me, until that happens THANK YOU.

Photo by the PIE MAN


A short list of my likes are: redheaded women, ELVIRA, old horror movies (1965 and earlier), music from all walks of life, underground comics, independent people, creative people, Kinky Friedman books, Harlan Ellison books, muscle cars from the 1960's, collecting autographs, eating chili, building model kits, reading, going to the Santa Cruz boardwalk in the summer, going to comic conventions, some cats named Spanky, Midnight, Renfield, Mrs. Bates, Dorian Gray and Norman and traveling.


Some of these I'm aware of, others were pointed out to me by my friends: I don't get angry when I'm supposed to, I wish I could have grown up with the Addams family, I tend to vent my anger when it pleases me, I'll do things out of spite usually twice, I know my rights and scare letters don't intimidate me, I try to judge people immediately and give them no chance to redeem themselves, I'd like to see my X-girlfriends cast into a sea of molten lava, I use my knowledge for the dark side, weddings bore me, I was more depressed about Burgess Meredith's death than Princess Di's, I was more depressed about Stanley Kubrick's death than Joe Dimaggio's, in "Return of the Jedi" I wanted all the Ewoks to end up skinned or mounted in the Emperor's den, I've got all the 7 deadly sins down pat, if I hate you I don't hide it, I get my revenge, I don't do pity, I give the wrong people the benefit of the doubt, I'm full of advice- except when it's useful, I bite, I fart in public, I think the government needs a massive douche, and the allure of marriage continues to elude me. I could think of a lot more but I'm tired.

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